Our Story

 RocketProjector was founded in March of 2020 with the intention of providing entertainment to those who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The founder of RocketProjector, Henry Kramer, was affected and was personally devastated when COVID-19 and the lockdown restrictions were implemented all around the world, including the U.S. 

Henry would, every Friday, go to the movies with his family, even if there wasn't any big blockbuster movie or anything else going on. It was his way of easing his stress, letting him forget about the week no matter how good or bad.

After the pandemic hit, he took it hard and had to find a way out to attempt to give others the joy he had felt, and in the comfort of their own home.

Then came RocketProjector. RocketProjector was, and has always been a passion project to enable those like Henry to enjoy their time, pandemic, lockdown or normal times either way.

Now, RocketProjector has grown to unimaginable lengths from the first intention, and with this the team has grown. Boasting a team of over 10 individuals all sharing the same passion of Henry, we can truly look towards the future and share the same intention we came into this with each and every single customer that shops and buys with us.

Being a COVID-19 company startup, we did not know we would affect so many personally and make them as happy as we had originally thought we would.
We have major plans in the future, to upgrading our Projector to a V2 projector which is better in every aspect, to faster shipping and finding better suppliers which can accommodate us.
Even with the Pandemic starting our company, we can still stay a company even when the pandemic subsides. We have no intention of doing away with our objective of providing and enjoyment, spending time with their family and having special movie nights that everyone can enjoy and personally remember.
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